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(Frequently asked Questions and Answers)

Q. Are both boats in the same fleet of Blue Sea Charters?

A. Yes. Both boats are designed with the fisherman in mind to suit all needs from bottom reef type fishing through to marlin and all various types of sportfishing.



Q. Do all of your boats target the same fish?.

A. Not all boats. For example, "Skipper Jim" fishes inner reefs of the Bay of Islands for local species such as snapper, kingfish etc while we have access to other boats  certified for off shore fishing for the likes of marlin, Hapuka/Groper and extended coastal fishing. Anglers can choose a boat to suit their purpose.



Q. Am I able to take an observer with me while I am fishing?

A. This depends on the charter at the time. For example if you have a share basis your observer will be charged their share of the charter costs. Charter boats have a maximum number of persons allowed on board due to its survey certification. If you have a full private/sole charter you can take whoever you like so long as you don't exceed the maximum allowable numbers on board.



Q. Do I get to keep my catch?.

A. Yes. All fish belong to the angler. However, all anglers must also abide by New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries rules with sizes and catch quotas. Your captain will be able to advise you at the time.



Q. Can we tag and release?.

A. Yes. All captains promote and encourage tag and release.



Q. Do your boats provide fishing gear and bait?

A. Yes. All our boats provide all tackle and bait. However, you are also allowed to bring your own.



Q. Can I fish for National and World Records?

A. Yes you can fish for records. However, it is very important that you advise us at the time of reserving that you want to fish for records so that the appropriate tackle is provided for the species you wish to target.



Q. When is the best time for catching Marlin in New Zealand?

A. The first Marlin for the New Zealand game fish season usually gets captured late December. The considered peak season would be from mid January to end of April early May. On many occasions, depending on seasons this can extend through to mid May.



Q. Do anglers require a fishing license?

A. You are not required to have a license for recreational salt water fishing here in New Zealand.


Our captains are experienced in targeting -
Snapper * Terakihi * Trevally * Kahawai * Kingfish * Shark * Marlin * Tuna *

For reservations or further information please contact
Blue Sea Charters



Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Phone: 09-4027-071 - Mobile: 021-556-712


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